Fraser Pajak

Wesley J. Johnston
Chief Executive Officer

Fraser Pajak
Chief Operating Officer

Ken Koffman
Senior Vice President, Standards & Technology
+1-561-488-5908 o
+1-561-213-1654 m

Cinnamon Rogers

Cinnamon Rogers
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

Andrew Kurtzman
Vice President and General Counsel

Ashley Simmons
Senior Director, External Affairs
+1.703.907.7704 Bio

Harry Smeenk
Vice President, Program Development

Ogechi Anyanwu
Meeting Planner

Lida Berlejung

Zachary Carr
Senior Director, Business Operations

Alex Davis
Data Management Coordinator

John Derr
Senior Director, Numbering Administration Regulatory Affairs

Colin Andrews
Policy Counsel, Government Affairs

Teesha Jenkins
Manager, Standards Secretariat Services

Claire Johnson
Senior Producer / Production Manager, TIA NOW

Marianna Kramáriková
Senior Director, Standards

Rebecca's Photo is coming

Rebecca McVeigh
Senior Director, Communities
+1.(972) 423-0268

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Beth Mechum
Manager, Communications & External Affairs

Victoria Mitchell
Director, Global Standards Programs

Agata Nguyen
Director, Human Resources

George Nicholson
Director, Information Technology

Florence Otieno
Director, International Standards Programs

Leigh Ann Perkins
Manager, Member Relations

Donna Reed
Director, Events

Clarence Reynolds
Anchor and Editorial Director of TIA NOW

Savannah Schaefer
Policy Counsel, Government Affairs

Limor Schafman
Director, Smart Building Programs

Sabrina Sheth
Business Development Manager

Marta Soncodi
Senior Manager, IoT Technology & Technical Architect

Dileep Srihari
Senior Policy Counsel and Director, Government Affairs

K.C. Swanson
Director, Global Policy

Cathy Wang
Director, MEID Administrator – Asia-Pacific Region

Brian West
Director, Interactive Media

David Zielonka
Manager, Marketing