TIA's Cybersecurity Working Group Charter is at this link.


The TIA Cybersecurity Working Group advocates public policy positions related to the security of ICT equipment and services from a vendor perspective as it relates to critical infrastructure, supply chain and information sharing.


The mission of the Cybersecurity Working Group is to promote consensus-based positions to the Congress, the Administration, Federal Agencies, and other relevant governmental bodies with the following:

  • Advocate public-private partnerships as effective vehicles for collaborating on current and emerging threats.
  • Promote industry-driven best practices and global standards for the security of critical infrastructure.
  • Promote voluntary private sector security standards as non-mandated means to secure the ICT supply chain.
  • Support efforts of the U.S. government to provide more timely and detailed cyber intelligence to industry to help identify threats to protect private networks
  • Support prioritization of cybersecurity funding for federal research efforts.

Recent Activity

Find recent Cybersecurity filings at this link.