Trade & Market Access


TIA assists members to participate in the global marketplace by ensuring liberalized markets and independent regulatory bodies and assisting members to maximize market opportunities abroad through these activities:

  • Supporting the worldwide efforts of a variety of U.S. government agencies, including the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Department of Commerce (DoC) and the Department of State;
  • Meeting regularly with global organizations to share information on standardization and conformity assessment programs, with the goal of trade facilitation;
  • Working with the U.S. government to implement the World Trade Organization agreement on basic telecommunications services in order to open service markets around the world;
  • Working as an active member of the International Telecommunication Union to help promote global policies that increase market opportunities in developing nations and contribute to global standardization and coordination.

TIA Congratulates the U.S. Information Technology Office (USITO) and the MIIT China Academy of Telecommunications Research (CATR) on MOU

On November 16, the U.S. Information Technology Office (USITO) and the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China Academy of Telecommunications Research (CATR) signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance cooperation between the two organizations.

USITO is an independent, non-profit, membership-based trade association, representing the U.S. information communication technologies (ICT) industry in China. Founded in late 1994 by TIA and other leading U.S. ICT industry associations, USITO seeks to provide new insights and approaches to the many complex challenges facing the ICT industry in China.

CATR is a government research entity under MIIT providing policy research and regulatory drafting support for MIIT in critical areas such as cloud computing, data privacy, broadband development and information security.

For more information visit the USITO website.

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