Policy Issues

TIA's policy priorities seek to expand global investment opportunities, maintain open markets around the world, and encourage innovation in the following issue areas.

  • Advancing access to next-generation technologies facilitates life-changing opportunities for people with sensory and age-related limitations.

    Broadband connects people, provides economic and social benefits, and enables the networks of the future.

    Tax reform will spur job creation and economic growth in the U.S. and strengthen our competitiveness abroad.

  • Trust in our networks relies on a resilient cyber ecosystem, capable of adapting to today’s rapidly shifting threat landscape.

    Ensuring quality and security is a crucial differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace for devices.

    Policies that ensure appropriate intellectual property protections and the use of voluntary consensus standards are key for international cooperation and commerce.

  • IoT technologies will transform how people live, work and play, and will depend upon having unified and streamlined policy frameworks.

    A free and open internet and the free flow of information and commerce that drives the U.S. economy.

    Effective and interoperable communications among both legacy and next-generation technologies saves lives and protects property.

  • Next-generation ICT products, services and applications require more spectrum to keep up with growing consumer demand for mobile broadband.

    Expanding and enhancing the skills of the workforce in STEM fields are essential in today’s competitive and evolving global marketplace.

    TIA supports trade liberalization as well as a market-based, technology-neutral approach to regulation in key international markets.