TIA Connectivity Jam 2017 Reports

TIA's 2017 Connectivity Jam Reports - Now Available
Sponsored in conjuntion with IDC - Complimentary to Attendees and TIA Members

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and IDC convened the Connectivity Jam to establish an essential collaborative process. The TIA Connectivity Jam was an interactive, outcomes-focused executive conference that pinpointed actions that suppliers and industry associations can pursue today to advance the goals of the telecom, media, and technology (TMT) sector, and to expand opportunities for individual organizations.

The IDC analysts drove the Jam participants hard to find out how the industry is grappling with the challenges to be overcome and the opportunities to be grasped. The TIA Connectivity Jam and the resulting threee reports reveal important new information and key takeaways. Included in the multimedia reports are links to related TIA NOW videos of keynote addresses and panelist interviews to provide additional insight and perspective.

Attendees of the Jam, TIA members and the press have complimentary access to the conference's outcome reports. These reports include: Transforming Wireless and Connectivity Infrastructure, Operating Next-Generation Networks, and Connecting the Internet of Things, and are availble for download or purchase at the links below.

Transforming Wireless and Connectivity Infrastructure: An Outcomes Report from the TIA Connectivity Jam 2017

Operating Next-Generation Networks: An Outcomes Report from the TIA Connectivity Jam 2017

Connecting the Internet of Things: An Outcomes Report from the TIA Connectivity Jam 2017

TIA NOW Videos from the TIA Connectivity Jam 2017

TIA NOW recored a number of panel interviews and keynote speakers and executive interviews at the TIA Connectivity Jam. Some of them can be found throughout the reports and others are also available online.